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Borderlands 2 Guide: Swallowed Whole

Borderlands 2 Guide Swallowed Whole


A bandit known as Shorty has defaced one of Scooter’s Catch-A-Rides in Swallowed whole. For obvious reasons he wants Shorty dead for what he’s done. Head to the Fridge again to find the little bandit and show him what happens to people who vandalize Scooter’s stuff.

Borderlands 2 Guide Swallowed Whole


Head to the waypoint the map to find Shorty at the entrance of Stalker Hollow. You’ll see Shorty, but for you can get to him a massive stalker named Sinkhole swallows him. The beast goes invisible and runs off before you can find him. You’ll need to traverse the winding passages of the hollow and face off against several stalkers to find him.

Borderlands 2 Guide Swallowed Whole


When you eventually find him use a shock weapon to take down his invisibility cloak. This may take some time, but you can keep track of him by the blue light in his stomach. When the cloak goes down lay into the beast with everything you got. When he dies Shorty will be released from his stomach, but he won’t be thankful for the rescue. You’ll need to finish off Shorty as well before you’re done.

With Shorty done for return to Scooter to tell him justice has been served. And he’ll kindly reward you.

Swallowed Whole REWARD:

Money: $4,689

Experience: 13,734




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