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The Talon Of God

Welcome To The Final Story Mission In Borderlands 2,

The Talon Of God.

the talon of god

With Handsome Jack’s location revealed it’s time to finally hunt down the evil dictator and rescue Lilith from his clutches. You’ll be heading to Hero’s Pass and you are going to need Claptrap’s help to get into the area. But, before you leave you have the option of talking to several of Sanctuary’s residents for a few last words of good luck and some blue rarity items. You can talk to Moxxi, Marcus, Sir Hammerlock, Scooter, Zed and Tannis in any order you would like.

After saying your farewells, find Claptrap. The little robot, as always, is ready to help. He heads off to Eridium Blight to get ready to enter Hero’s Pass. Find the Fast Travel station and head there yourself. Meet up with Claptrap near the gate to Hero’s Pass. He’ll open it for you, but you’re going to need to protect him as he makes the attempt.  As always, Claptrap’s optimism gets the better of him and actually manages to make the situation more difficult for you as he keeps attempting to open the door. You’ll need to deal with more difficult waves of loaders and defences as Claptrap attempts to open the door (and fails miserably).

the talon of god


Eventually, Claptrap will get the door open and you can head into Hero’s Pass. Walk up the steps and you’ll come across some vendors to re-stock on ammo and health. It’s going to be a tough fight through this fiery lava filled area. Virtually every type of Hyperion enemy will be defending the area and you’re going to need to be prepared. But, don’t worry; you won’t be making this tough fight alone. After making your first push through Hyperion forces, you’ll find yourself near a bridge blocked by a force field. A massive Hyperion barge appears with more troops, but lucky for you reinforcements of your own will arrive in the form of Brick and Mordecai.

Mordecai will lower the force field blocking the bridge so you and Brick can have at the Hyperion forces. Bricks brute force will definitely make the experience easier as he smashes Hyperion goons with his fists. You’ll come to another bridge filled with enemies. On the other side of the bridge another gate is being protected by a force field. You and Brick will need to hold off the loaders and soldiers until Mordecai can bring down the force field and clear a path.

When the path opens up fight your way through. Unfortunately, the barge Brick and Mordecai are riding on is shot down, which leaves you to fight through on your own.

the talon of god


You need to make one last push and, of course it’s the most difficult. You’ll be contending with the toughest loaders and soldiers Hyperion can through at you, along with a super badass loader. Make sure you have some high damage corrosive weapons to deal with him. The last opponent you’ll need to deal with is a badass constructor. Use the railings and containers as cover from the constructor’s missiles and pop up every time you have the opportunity to get a shot in. When the constructor goes down loot the items it drops, as well as, the gun chest nearby. Now head into the Vault of the Warrior. It’s time to end this.

Wind your way through the narrow path until you reach an elevator. Take it down. Jack will continue to taunt you, but you need to move quickly before the key is completely charged. Stop off at the vendors before you enter the arena for the final battle. It’s going to be a long, rough fight.

the talon of god


Boss: Handsome Jack

Approach the center of the arena where Lilith is charging the Vault Key. Jack suddenly appears. Before he cleanses this planet he wants to take his revenge for the death of Angel. Jack will unleash a slew of holograms of himself. They’re easy to kill so widdle them down until you find the real Jack. Use your best weapon and unload on him. Make use of your special ability as well to deal with him. Once his shield is depleted he’ll stop making holograms, but instead loaders will come crashing down to defend him. He’ll also use a surveyor to protect himself from your attacks. Shot the surveyor to drop the shield and deal some real damage to him. He’ll suffer from his wounds and give up, but with Vault Key fully charged he hands the fight over to the Warrior.

the talon of god


Boss: The Warrior

The Warrior is big. Really big. He can breathe fire, launch you in the air with by smashing its tale on the ground and even raise the level of the lava. Take cover whenever the Warrior breathes fire. It’s the only way to truly protect yourself in that situation. When the lava levels rise take Lilith’s advice and head for high ground in the center of the arena.

Lastly, avoid the tail at all costs. If you’re not careful you’ll be launched right into the lava. In between all of this land as many shots as you can it with the best weapons you have. Aim for his chest to deal critical damage. If you should find yourself in a second wind situation there are rakks flying about the stage you can shoot down to get back on your feet. It will take some time, but eventually you’ll kill the warrior.

The Talon Of God?

With the Warrior defeated Jack is all out of options and Lilith is freed.It also seems Brick and Mordecai made it out alive as they meet up with you not long after the fight. The severely wounded Jack goes on a pathetic rant about he was supposed to be the hero. How you decide to kill Jack is up to you at this point. You can cut his ludicrous speech short with a shot from any gun you have. I found a shotgun is the most satisfactory. Or you can hand it off to Lilith who deserves revenge as much as you do.

Either way, enjoy the fact you’ll finally be putting this tyrannical bastard in the ground. Congrats vault hunter! You saved Pandora, but it’s far from being out of trouble. For now enjoy the rewards and tons of loot dropped. You’ve earned it.


Money: 4 eridium

Experience: 23670

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