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The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct

The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct – Nintendo lays out the interesting characters of The Wonderful 101.

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct

Nintendo hosted the latest in their “Nintendo Direct” series of community addresses as they exhibited gameplay and from the upcoming title from Platinum Games.

The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct – Wii U

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct

This week’s Nintendo Direct focused exclusively on The Wonderful 101 showing some trailer and even some gameplay. The Wonderful 101 will be available September 15th. Similar to the Pikmin games it looks like you will control a group of heroes with the ability to gain temporary added strength by rescuing citizens and bolstering your numbers.

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct

Displayed was also some interesting mechanics using the Wii U gamepad drawing gestures to transform the heroes into weapons. A straight line to create a sword, a wavy line to create a magic whip.

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct

Called “Unite Morph” it is used in combat and puzzle solving throughout. It looked like a an interesting gimmick until they demonstrated that you can use multiple ‘Unite Morphs’ at the same time which adds an interesting level of strategy and flavour.

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The game also features a ‘Wonderful Mart’ that acts as the in-game store to upgrade and purchase new abilities. The currency is earned by performing combos and getting a good final score on each level.

After the announcement there is a lengthy trailer to give gamers an idea of the the characters and storyline will look like. Suitably over the top though littered with what appear to be odd racial stereotypes, Wonderful 101 seems to have an upbeat story that any age could sit down and enjoy.

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct
Wonder Pink or Vonder Pink according to the accent.

So far the game looks like it has a decent level of combat depth and puzzle solving to keep a player interested. It will be interesting to see if the Wii U drawing mechanic is too clunky in the heat of combat (Although you can also use the right hand stick instead of drawing).

the wonderful 101 nintendo direct


The co-op multiplayer mode wasn’t touched on and so it’ll be interesting to see what players will need to do without the Wii U gamepad.

The Wonderful 101 launches September 15th for the Nintendo Wii U.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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