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[PAX AUS] Infinity Wars TCG Beta Arrives

Infinity Wars is dedicated to ushering in a new age of dTCG E-Sports.

infinity wars tcg

The digital Trading Card Game (dTCG) Infinity Wars is ready for some exclusive scrutiny with a Beta available to a limited few. If you were at PAX Australia you could just head to the Booth and sign up. For those not lucky enough to join the rest of us in the first international PAX can still sign up online at the Infinity Wars website.

Developer Lightmare Studios wants gamers to feel the rush and heart pounding adrenaline of big Trading Card Game tournaments. Re-creating that feeling is no easy task and that is why Infinity Wars will be tested by fans in this pre-release Beta.

 Simultaneous Turns: 

Compete on a whole new level of strategy and depth where both players take their turns at the same time to create bluff and prediction strategies like none other.

Animated Cards/Battlefields:

infinity wars tcg

Fully utilizing the Digital Platforms, we have re-imagined all of the cards and battlefields in-game to include beautiful 3D Animation that brings them to life. Every single card in Infinity Wars is animated; this is the true evolution of Trading Card Games to Digital.

 New Content Every Week:

Every week we introduce new quests into the game that give new cards to the players before they’re even released.

New Sets/Expansions ever y 3 Months:

Stay on your game, as Infinity Wars will be creating new content to be released every 3 months. Some sets will include new factions to learn, some sets will make the ones you’re familiar with more robust!

 Classic TCG Formats:

Infinity Wars feels like the TCG you played back in High School, but from any platform! Enjoy your standard format, along with Pauper/Singleton, as well as all new digital-only formats such as Hyper! , Epic, and Merged Deck!

Merged Deck Format:

Don’t feel like you have a large enough collection to compete but want to learn? Challenge yourself to a Merged Deck game. This combines you and your opponent’s deck’s together, and allows you both to use the same combined deck. Now you’re on level ground!

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.



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