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[PAX AUS] Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) fans were not disappointed at PAX Australia.

Pokemon TCG

Banter Toys & Collectibles were proud to host a Pokemon TCG booth and offer PAX attendees the chance to learn to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. An area in the designated table-top hall was provided to demonstrate the popular card game to beginners and for current players to join in for some casual gameplay. Much of the time in The Big Top saw passer-bys watching in on the Pokémon TCG demos, with many of them staying on the stand thereafter to learn the game themselves.

Between the Pokemon TCG demonstrators and PAX Enforcers helping teach people the card games, newbies and veterans alike sat down to play.

Pokemon TCG
A few Pokemon Masters

As the demos were running, Banter Toys also offered PAX attendees the chance to win 1 of 3 trading card game hampers simply by signing up to a mailing list, with each prize bundle packed with goodies from the Pokémon TCG. By the end of the event the mailing list received a total of 1,242 names and email addresses from Pokémon TCG fans and game enthusiasts.

Not only were these hampers on offer, but everyone who signed up and/or participated in a Pokémon TCG demo received some Pokémon swag consisting of pins, stickers, promo cards and 9-pocket pages.

Pokemon TCG
A table of Pokemon swag draws the eye

In addition to the Pokémon TCG demos, free gameplay and prize give away, Banter Toys also hosted a number of official PAX Pokémon TCG tournaments held in the card-game tournament area of the show. With a prize of a very sought-after PAX Aus medal for the winner, the response to the tournaments were extremely positive and players with a prepared Pokémon TCG deck were all very keen to participate in not one but all three tournaments held over the course of the 3 days.

The Pokémon Video Game Nationals hosted by Nintendo saw an overwhelming number of PAX attendees participating in the event. With around 200 participants, the Pokémon VGC was the hot topic on the Saturday. Overall, PAX Aus was a great success for Banter Toys and the Pokémon TCG.

Pokemon TCG

With new players on board and current players hyped up for the next Black & White Plasma Blast release, Banter Toys comments that further activity will be secured for upcoming shows including the EB Expo and Armageddon in October 2013 and certainly for the next PAX Aus show that has been confirmed for 2014.

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