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Side Quest – Stalker of Stalkers

Side Quest – Stalker of Stalkers

turn in station

Time to do a little bit of hunting that doesn’t involve Vaults. You’ll find this quest also at the Sanctuary bounty board. After being around the Highlands, you already know there are plenty of the dragon-like stalkers crawling around the area.

Well Sir Hammerlock apparently had a friend named Taggert out hunting the stalker population, for his book. The mans disappeared, but by finding some of his chapters, you may uncover where he’s gone.

slagged stalker


Each chapter will be hidden in piles of random animal refuse, but still at specific stalker nests across the Highlands. Once you’ve collected all five you’ll find out the true fate of Taggart.

As expeected of any one who decides to hunt down and study the stalkers Taggart was eventually eaten. And the name of the beast: Henry. Terrifying. Regardless, Taggart’s life has come to an end. Return to the Sanctuary bounty board to recieve yor reward.

taggarts gift


There is also a bonus objective in which you need to kill 15 stalkers. Given you’ll be fighting through several nests as you search for Taggart’s chapters this is extremely easy to accomplish.

Stalker of Stalkers REWARD:

Money: $346

Item: random shotgun or shield

Experience: 3208



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