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Side Quest – Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

Our questionably, good friend Marcus seems to have forgotten something as Sanctuary lifted off. His stash of money is still in Sanctuary Hole. Unfortunate to say, but the place isn’t abandoned. The area is crawling with squatters and violent ones at that. It’s optional to kill all 25 of them, but they’re a nuisance and no one wants them in their old homes.

Use a quick travel station to reach Three Horns Divide, then work your way to Sanctuary Hole just north of your position. Once inside work your way to the center of the map where  Marcus’s safe is located. You’ll come across a few bandits as you start your way through the ruined area.

When you reach the location of the safe, you’ll over hear some of the bandits struggling with it. Just as you reach them the fools drop the safe into the abyss below. The only thing to do is to keep fighting your way down until you find it.

caustic cavern entrance[vgfaq.com]

By the time you reach the bottom you will have  hit your 25 squatter kills. But, it turns out the safe has gone all the way down into the caustic caverns. This “cheery” little place is crawling with nasty baddies of the worst kind and massive acid pits.

Head through the door and start heading northeast to the objective marker. You’ll run into several varkids when you first enter the area. Most of them are normal varkids and shouldn’t give you much trouble. However, off in the distance will be a dump truck shaking violently. Turns out the shaking is from a badass varkid. Get out a caustic weapon and slay the beast.

In order to reach the objective marker you’ll need to hop your way across a river of acid, inhabited by crystalisks. Your best bet is to hop from small island to island avoiding combat with the crystalisks. They’re tough, with powerful attacks and there is lot of them. Save the bullets and keep moving.

crystalisk cavern[nag.co.za]

When you reach the other side of the river head through tunnel at the top of the ridge. Once you reach the other side you’ll find the safe-which is also firmly planted in the back of a massive crystlisk.


Boss: Blue

Attacking Blue is just like attacking the other crystalisks, except he has more hit points. Shoot at the crystal formations on his legs to deal critical damage . Keeping doing this until Blue finally perishes in an explosion of crystals, which also more cash in your pocket. open the safe to retrieve Marcus’s loot. Turns out it’s not cash or weapons, but several, rather revealing photos of Moxxi. Moxxi comes over the ECHO waves letting you know you will be greatly rewarded if you return the pictures to her.

She’ll give a nice shotgun called “Moxxi’s Heartbreaker”. However, if you return them to Marcus he’ll reward you with “Lucrative Opportunity”. The upgrade speeds up the timer for special items at vendors allowing for a variety of opportunities to pick up awesome weapons. Whomever you choose you will be well rewarded.

Safe and Sound REWARD:

Money: $434

Item/Upgrade: Moxxi’s Heartbreaker (Moxxi), Lucrative Opportunity (Marcus)

Experience: 3895



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