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Side Quest – Clan War Trailer Trashing

Clan War Trailer Trashing

With the Zafords taking a hit in the wallet, it’s time once again to take the fight to the Hodunks again. This time you’ll be picking this quest up from Steve, who is hanging out by the Highlands gate. It seems Mick Zaford wants you to put the entire Hodunk base to the torch after the Hodunks robbed their entire money cache. 

Well, you stole the money actually, but they don’t need to know that.

Clan War Trailer Trashing


You’ll need a fire weapon in order to set fire to the Hodunk trailer. If you don’t have one Steve will hand you Flynt’s Tinderbox to get the job done. Drive to the Hodunks base and you’ll see the first trailer as soon as you enter the destroyed gate. A gas tank is connected to the trailer. Open the valve on the tank and fire away at the fumes, setting the trailer ablaze.

Head to the next three trailers and repeat this process. After destroying the second trailer, the Hodunks will take notice and start attacking you. Kill them and continue burning the rest of their trailers.

Clan War Trailer Trashing


After this reckoning you’ve brought upon the Hodunks you can certainly expect some serious retaliation from them. Return to Steve and he’ll amply reward you.

Clan War Trailer Trashing REWARD:

Money: $519

Item: SMG or rocket launcher


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