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Borderlands 2 Guide-Side Quest: Clan War: Starting the War

ellie garage


Who wants to start a gang war? It involves some underhanded tactics and creating deep seeded hatreds between two groups who have never had any problems before this. You are? Great! First you’ll need to make a visit to Ellie in the Dust. The two clans she wants feuding are the Hodunks and the Zafords.

The plan is simple: sabotage. While she’s explaining the plan, start collecting the dynamite around her garage to get things started. You’ll also need to grab some of their old emblems to plant at the crime scenes, so as to make it a proper sabotage.

hodunk billboard


Drive to the Hodunk Speedway, just south from Ellie’s garage. You’ll a see a large billboard with a massive tire adorning the upper right corner of the board. The Hodunk’s pride and joy according to Ellie. And it’s where you’ll be planting the dynamite. Place the explosives on the right pillar of the board and watch the fire works.

Several Hodunks will come through the front gate to retaliate. Kill them and then place the Zaford emblem to remind them “who” was there. The Hodunks should be sufficiently angry and mislead. Good start to a gang war.

holy spirits bar[]

Now head to the Zafords to blow up their prized possession: the distillery. Fast travel to Overlook and the Zaford bar, Holy Spirits, will be right by the entrance to the town. The distillery will be to the right of the archway entrance if you’re coming from within the town. Plant the dynamite and step back.

When the distillery blows run towards the wreckage and place the Hodunk emblem on top. Mick Zaford isn’t the least bit pleased and he’ll be needing help from a mercenary like you to strike back. Head to the Holy Spirits entrance to turn in this quest  and head to the next part of this lengthy side quest.


Money: $551

Item: assault rifle or pistol

Experience: 2611



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