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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Hidden Journals

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tannis 3

If you played the first Borderlands you’ll recognize this quest and who we’re helping out. Patricia Tannis has once again lost some of her personal journals and now it’s up to you to get them back. As usual you’ll continue to find out how truly crazy Tannis is. Head to the Highlands to begin your search. In particular you’ll be exporing around the town of Overlook.

hidden journal 1

Journal #1

You’ll find the first ECHO under the bridge near Overlook. It’s hidden away in a small shack, which you need to reach by jumping from one steel beam to another. In this first one you’ll hear about Tannis’s harrowing experience in coming to Sanctuary. Do you need me to tell you more?

hidden journal 2

Journal #2

You’ll find the second sitting in a boat floating in Cranky’s Pond, just northeast of the bridge. You’ll need to fight off some stalkers to reach it, but they aren’t your main problem. A badass pyro thresher dwells in the pond. Try to avoid him instead of going in for a straight fight though, as the beast will probably destroy you.

hidden journal 3

Journal #3

The third is southwest of your current spot. Follow the road until you find a dirt road going off the main path. Take the road past a lighthouse tower and you’ll come to a barrier with an opening. Cross through and you’ll see a mill down below from the ridge. Hop down and you’ll see a carriage that houses the ECHO. The one end has a partially opened door being held together some nasty looking goo. Shoot at the gunk a few times and the door will plop open the rest of the way.

hidden journal 4

Journal #4

The final recording is within a small Hyperion facility. It’s located in a bunker on top of one of the facilities loader depots. Dealing with most of the Hyperion bots should be easy at this point. The only trouble should come from a constructor guarding the bridge to bunker. When you reach the bunker, there will be an electric barrier covering its entrance. There’s a switch not far above the bunker. Simply fire a round or two at the switch and the electric barrier will be down.

With the last ECHO in hand return to Sanctuary for your reward. She may be crazy, but Tannis is certainly appreciative.


Money: 4 Eridium

Experience: 2611

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