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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-Bright Lights, Flying City Pt. 2

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We’re almost back to your friends in Sanctuary all you need to do is reach the town of Overlook, somewhere on the edges of the Highlands. You’ll need to find your way through a Hyperion compound before you can reach the open Highlands. It’s only a few loaders and soldiers you’ll have to fight through, but it won’t be long until you reach the open spaces of the Highlands.

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Find the nearest Catch-a-Ride station to grab a vehicle and start for the town of Overlook. When you reach Overlook head to the top of hill it lies on. There will be a rampart to place the supply beacon on. Once it’s set up waves of Hyperion loaders will show up to destroy the beacon and you. The beacon can take damage and you’ll need to repair it if the loaders do enough damage to it. Destroying your enemies quickly so you won’t find yourself running back and forth to repair the beacon.

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The last wave will feature a tough constructor, known as a Collector. He’s just as tough as a constructor, except with more shielding and deadly, devastating attacks. Go for critical hits to deal as much damage to it as possible. You’re not completely out of the woods after you’ve defeated the Collector. A badass loader will make an appearance before the beacon is fully prepared. Destroy him quickly too and the beacon will ready to go once you’re done.

Back in Sanctuary, find Roland and he’ll reward for everything you’ve done to save Sanctuary.


Money: $55

Experience: 3917

Item: storage deck upgrade

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