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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-Bright Light, Flying City Pt. 1

The fridge

Once inside the Fridge you’ll come across a pair of vending machines at the entrance. Buy some equipment and then turn the wheel next to the massive door in front of you to make your way deeper into the Fridge. You’ll come across a horde of Rats as you press forward into the cavern. Use the abundant cover and your best weapons to take out the freaks. Keep an eye out for rakks as well during the fighting. When you make it through the Rats on the upper floor there will be a weapons chest sitting on a broken down concrete cliff. Open it up to earn yourself some nice loot.


Work your way down to the lower level closer to the frozen river. You’ll need to kill more rats before you reach another set of doors that will lead you to an elevator out of the Fridge. Before you go you may have noticed the crystalisks wandering the frozen river. They tend to mind their own business until you get too close. They can dole out some heavy damage, but they do offer an immense reward. The crystals on their back actually offer you cash. So killing them means big money.


When you reach the bottom you’ll come to the entrance of the Highlands-Outwash. As soon as you step out into the open air you’ll see Sanctuary reappear in the sky. Angel mentions all you’ll need to do is find a Fast Travel station and teleport to Sanctuary. There’s one right near the waypoint you just walked through from the Fridge. Unfortunately, when you access the station it appears Sanctuary is no longer on the map. Angel points out you’ll need to input the floating town back into the system. Time to explore the highlands a little bit more.

As you start exploring the Highlands you’ll come across a rather nasty new enemy type, the stalker. These dragon like creatures can become invisible to the naked eye. An electrical aura surrounds them when they do so you can still keep track of them somewhat. A shock weapon can be used to lower their shields and negate the power all together when their shields are depleted.

constructor outwash


Move forward through the Hyperion outpost below the cliffs. Loaders and soldiers will take you on in droves. Keep pushing forward to find a supply beacon which may be used to bring Sanctuary back on to the the fast travel system. First your going to need to get across the river cutting through the outpost. The controls to the other side are destroyed so you’ll need to find another way to activate the bridge. There’s a supply car that expands over the river. You can find its switch at the top of a set of ramps at the end of the car’s track.

The car will come across and all you need to do is hop on the car and it will take you to the other side. However, when you reach the other side you’ll find yourself out of the frying pan and into the fire. A constructor will come flying through the set of doors you need to pass through in order to reach the beacon. Use the surrounding cover to protect yourself from the constructor’s bombardments.

With the constructor defeated, head through the door to the beacon. The beacon will be sitting out in the middle of the supply field. Unfortunately, a massive thresher swallows it. Do I really need to explain how you’ll be getting it back?

gluttonous thresher[]

Boss: Gluttonous Thresher

This massive thresher can pack a punch and after swallowing the beacon the creature has a shield barrier now. Several Hyperion loaders will come crashing to the ground as well. Try letting the loaders do some of the work as you fight the thresher. Use your best weapons, grenades and your ability to bring the tunneler down. After his death take the beacon and head for the Highlands and the town of Outlook to find a way back to your friends.

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