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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-Rising Action

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Borderlands 2 Guide

Main Quest-Rising Action

Bring the power core you took from Wilhelm and swap it out with the one you first brought to Lt. Davis at the beginning of the game. Then something horrible happens. Jack follows through with his plan to attack Sanctuary through the one person who has been helping you up to this point: Angel. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about this sudden betrayal right now. The citizens of sanctuary are going to need your help to get out of the Hyperion bombardment.

borderlands 2 guide obelisk[]

Run to the center of town to find Scooter and Lilith powering up the massive obelisk that stood there. Turns out it’s more than a mere obelisk; it’s Sanctuary’s savior. Find Scooter nearby as he preps for the city’s launch. He needs you to prime the other pumps surrounding the obelisk. Prime both and then head to Roland’s house to pick up some eridiumĀ from him. The poor guy is pinned down by some rubble, but there is no time to help; Lilith needs that eridium.

borderlands 2 guide Sanctuary_flying[]

Hand it off to Lilith and she’ll put it to use. Turns out she uses so much her powers end up teleporting you to Three Horns Valley. Watch as Sanctuary rises into the air then disappears. Angel communicates with you again apologizing for what she’s done. Don’t worry about it at the moment, just go find a vehicle station and grab a car. Head towards The Fridge. To find this new location head to Three Horns Divide to find its entrance.

borderlands 2 guide The fridge[]

You’ll need to fight your way through the bandits, but you’ll eventually reach the entrance to the fridge. To turn in this quest simply interact with the door panel near the door and it’ll be a job well done…so far.


Money: 4 eridium

Experience: 6416

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