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Oh To Be El Presidente!

El Presidente Tropico


My home, my people, my Tropico!
Construction crews and teamsters go
Appoint the ministers and set the wage
Checking the stats on my Almanac page

The superpowers send their financial aid
While the secret police go on a raid
Nationalist cry about bad healthcare
While pollution fills the air

To elect the edicts, to repel the rebels
To be tutored by Miss Pineapple…
Oh to be El Presidente!

Tourists come and tourists go
Childhood museums for Penultimo
Sunny Flowers and her environment
A military coup in my government

With Capitalist greed and Loyalist love
Being El Presidente fits like a glove
All the factions demand to be heard
While they all await my final word

 Elections fraud, oh the scandal
It is not more than I can handle
Oh to be El Presidente!

Growing a city, building an economy
Hiding all of my Swiss Bank Account money
My enemies come from both far and near
But it is El Presidente that they should fear

The Intellectuals need more education
While the Religious demand a book burning nation
For the factories I need the blueprinted plan
Because with imports and exports I am your man

Bribe the protestors
Assassinate the instigators
Oh to be El Presidente!

A national day and free housing
Hola Presidente will be very rousing
Social Security and a Tax Cut
My populations’ happiness will not rut

My home, my people, my Tropico
We will not receive a trade embargo
We will be here this century and the next
Even in a world where there will be texts

A five-year plan in only four years
I will not succumb to my critics jeers
Oh to be El Presidente!

Oh to be El Presidente!




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