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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Splinter Group

tannis 2

Tannis needs you to take care of some nasty, mutated Hyperion experiments that have escaped the Hyperion reserve. These mutated bandits take to the sewers pretty quickly and so far there’s only place they could be: the Bloodshot Stronghold. But, before you head there you’re going to need to draw them out of hiding with some pizza. Yes, strange as it sounds these creatures seem to be obsessed with pizza and you can find a fresh one sitting at Moxxi’s bar.

bloodshot sewer tunnel


Quick travel to the Bloodshot Stronghold after you’ve picked up the pizza. Follow the same path you took when you came to rescue Roland. Things should be the same in regards to the enemies who occupy the space. You’ll be dealing with some bruisers and marauders for the most part. Fight your way into the third room on the map with the bunker to your left and the generators on your right. After killing the bad guys in this room, then hop down from the side with the generators. You’ll drop into the pool of water where you’ll find a tunnel heading east. This tunnel will lead you right into their hideout. Climb the ladder on the other side of the tunnel and be prepared to meet the lab rats for the first time.


There’s a variety of these creepy buggers. Field rats are your standard faire lab rats while the titular version of the enemies are actually lumbering beasts with massive arms. These two variations have an arsenal of grenades and weapons they can use on you, but the lab rats often attempt to walk toward you and commit melee attacks making them easy kills. Others will scurry across the ground at you and close the distance using melee, but they’re so weak it’s nothing a shotgun blast can’t handle.

splinter group


Fight your way through their hideout until you reach a buzzer with a circular door panel in the ground. Hit the buzzer and the four lab rats will assume you’re the pizza man. Well, you are, just with lots of guns and the intention of killing the freaks. When the door opens hop down and place the pizza on the table. One at a time each of the four members of the Splinter Group will crawl out from the wood works. They aren’t particularly tough, but they will disappear once they’ve taken enough damage. When you’ve dealt each one enough damage they will attack in force, but given their weakened state they are fairly easy to kill.

When they’re all dead, return to Tannis to receive your reward.


Experience: 2333

Item: random shotgun

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