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What to Expect in God of War Ascension

God of War Ascension

The God of War series is scheduled for another return to the PS3 console with its upcoming title, God of War Ascension.

Now you might be as puzzled as I was the first time I heard about it in terms of where the story would go after the way things turned out at the end of the third game. But to clear things up, it’s a prequel to the series.

Attending the EB Games Expo last year I was able to have the honors of testing out Sony Entertainment’s upcoming God of War title.

Within the demo the story isn’t clearly explored, but Kratos arrives on the docks of some ruins, where a terrorizing Kraken plagues the seas. It clearly suggests that later he’ll have intentions of gutting the sea monster.

Moving away from the Kraken you venture towards some island ruins where you encounter goat like soldiers, as well as a new mythological mini boss enemy known as The Juggernaut, a cross species similar to the Minotaur but think of an elephant crossed with a human. I know, Zeus is a sick man.

These encounters give you the chance to explore God of War: Ascension’s combat system, including a new execution command that allows you to execute a brutal finishing move once you have depleted your enemy’s health, which causes a red execution symbol to appear over their head.

As always, God of War Ascension delivers exceptional graphics in its character feature, environmental gameplay and its combat play.

The Rage Meter returns allowing you to unleash elemental magic attacks which cause heavy damage by pressing the R1 and L1 buttons to activate.

Quick commands also make a return, as you quickly smash away buttons trying to beat the clock that will either cause you to be killed or have to repeat the process again.

Omega health and magic boxes appear throughout the game as well as red orbs which suggest that the familiar upgrading system will be included in the game which will follow the same level up patterns as the previous games.

God of War Ascension is scheduled to be released on the 12th of March on Playstation 3. Pre-Orders are available through Amazon.



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