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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Cult Following: Lighting the Match

matchstick outhouse

So far it seems like the Children of the Firehawk aren’t bringing any harm to innocent people; just themselves and other bandits. Lilith wants you to keep investigating just in case. Talk to Incinerator Clayton to receive your new mission as a young torch. He wants you to take their most devout follower, Matchstick, to Soaring Dragon in the Southern Shelf and sacrifice him to the Dragon’s flames. It’s a gruesome task, but hey, at least no one innocent is involved.

borderlands-2-soaring dragon

You can find matchstick in the out house next to Clayton’s home. Open the outhouse and pick the little cultist. Go to the fast travel station near Frostburn Canyon’s entrance and transport yourself to the Southern Shelf. It will drop you off in Liar’s Berg and you’ll need to work your way to the Soaring Dragon from there. You’ll be going through Boom Bewm’s camp once again to reach Soaring Dragon. The enemies in the camp will be far more weaker than you, with how far you’ve leveled up by now. Taking care of them should be easy. Even Boom and Bewm won’t stand a chance.

burning matchstick[]

After fighting through Boom Bewm’s camp continue towards Soaring Dragon. You’ll confront many of the same battle situations from when you were here last time. Keep pushing you’re way to the top of Captain Flynt’s fortress. When you reach the battle arena where you fought Flynt, you’ll have another run in with the bandit giant. This time when you finish the fight you’ll want to go to the other end of the arena. There will be a platform with a hook above it. Approach the hook and place Matchstick on the hook. Hit the switch on the platform and Matchstick heads towards the flames blasting from the dragon. And he does so gleefully.

Once Matchstick becomes his namesake head back jump from Soaring Dragon. With the lack of fall damage, you won’t need to descend through the entire fortress. Find the fast travel station in Liar’s Berg and head back to Frostburn Canyon to Incinerator Clayton for your reward.


Money: $62

Experience: 967

Item: Random Sniper Rifle

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