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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Assassinate the Assassins

Go take a look at the bounty board in Sanctuary and you’ll find your first side quest from Roland. It seems four Hyperion soldiers have infiltrated Sanctuary in the hopes of trying to assassinate some of its more well known citizens. Roland wants them killed first.

Head to Three Horns Valley to the Southpaw Steam and Power plant, where you wrapped up the Medical Mystery side quest. You’ll need to fight through a group of bandits guarding the entrance again before you can enter the plant.

With the bandit patrol killed head inside. A health vending machine and an ammo vending machine are at the front entrance if you need to stock up on supplies. Continue through the entry hallway while looting through the lockers and safes for cash and items.

You’ll come to an open area with three crazed marauders on the lower level, arguing over who killed “mommy” better. Put an end to this disturbing conversation with a grenade. This gains the whole room’s attention, but with those three on the lower level they’re unlikely to get a decent shot at you. Two nomads are on the ramparts with you, so switch your focus to them. Stay behind cover and you can avoid being shot at by the three marauders below.

Even better, if you’re playing as Axton simply toss your turret down to the lower level to have it deal with the marauders. This allows you to keep your focus on the nomads.

Once the room is cleared continue along the rampart towards the steps leading up to a platform. Two psychos will attempt to rush you, but a couple of well placed gun shots should do the trick. A crazed marauder may make an appearance and should be relatively easy to handle.


Walk up the steps to the platform and you’ll face off against the first assassin, Wat. He appears from behind a garage door along with a badass psycho. Lure the badass psycho back down the steps you came up, making him easier to deal with. Throw everything you have at him and he’ll go down. Now to deal with Wat.

He’s nimble, but lacks strength. Keep up with his movements and try to plant each shot. A fast firing weapon like an SMG, assault rifle, or pistol will make this easier. Use your ability to take advantage of the situation if he’s too quick for you.

He drops an ECHO after the fight is over. Turns out, Jack knows Lilith is still alive and she is the target for this band of hit men.

Continue up the next flight of stairs from the platform. It will lead you to a room with a high ceiling and several pipes. As soon as you set foot on the floor more Bloodshot make an appearance. Several appear from a door on your right, while others make their way across a bridge towards you.


Take out the Bloodshots coming out of the door first and then take cover inside the room from whence they came. This will narrow the thrall of enemies in the room. Keep an eye out for suicide psychos and their grenades. When the room is clear make your way across the bridge to face off with the second assassin, Oney.

This nomad is carrying around a mean shotgun and a massive shield as he lumbers out of the door. Also, several, and I mean several, suicide bandits come streaming out. Stay on the move to keep distance between you and them. Kill the psychos first before making an attempt at Oney. Remember to use your ability to throw off some of the psychos.

To kill Oney simply follow the grenade strategy and treat him like a regular nomad. Get behind him or create an opening with a grenade to land a few shots. With him dead another ECHO recorder drops with Jack rambling on about how the assassins should deal with him.

Take the steps down to a long hallway. Two Bloodshot marauders will make an appearance. End their lives and collect the loot from the chests as you move forward. Follow the hallway as it turns left and to a railing overlooking a wide open boiler room.

The room has several nomads, marauders and suicide psychos. Use some of the elemental barrels to deal some group damage and soften your enemies up. Take out the suicide psychos as they come near you.


Work your way across the room after clearing this first wave enemies. The two garage doors at the other end will open up as you get close and the third assassin, Reeth, will make an appearance. He’s followed by a nomad taskmaster carrying a giant shield. Knock him off balance or get behind him to kill him.

Reeth is fast and throws fiery machetes at you. Simply circle him and fire away, keeping your distance when he decides to charge you. He is relatively weak and shouldn’t be much of a challenge to take down. Once he’s dead pick up the ECHO recorder he drops.

There is door that leads you out of the boiler room into a room with a set of steps and some chests. Loot the room to collect some cash and replenish your ammo. The exit will lead you to another set of steps going up. Take a left at the top and you’ll find yourself in a room full of pipes and even more bandits. Begin clearing the room, keeping an eye on your surroundings. Enemies come from every direction, so stay sharp and make sure nobody sneaks up on you.


When the room is cleared of bandits, the last assassin, Rouf, will make his appearance. The lanky killer is accompanied by two nomad taskmasters and all three are carrying some mean shotguns. Use grenades, especially if they’re incendiary, on the nomads to remove them from the fight. Rouf isn’t fast, but he does have enough agility to make him a tough target. Stay on him and you should be able to kill him quickly.

When he is dead, pick up the ECHO recorder he drops and listen to Jack’s final message to the killers. Leave the room through the door with bars. Find your way back to Sanctuary and you’ll find your reward for a job well done.


Money: $165

Experience: 791

Item: Choice between random pistol or random SMG

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