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Meet The Writers: Anthony



Hey Guys! My name is Anthony! It’s a pleasure to meet you all and be part of the Non-Fiction Gaming team.

So where do I start?

As a kid I grew up in Fairfield, Melbourne, where my first console was a Sega Mega Drive, which came with my favorite game, Altered Beast. Those two things were my lifeline. It was at this period of my life where my hobby for gaming started.

My life lead me to console hop from the PlayStation (PSX), Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation2, Game Cube, Xbox, Gameboy Pocket; Color and Advance, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Wii and so on, which built more onto my gaming hobby.

Reaching high school I discovered another secret passion I had, which was writing. I built up a knack for writing by writing articles for the school paper. I eventually finished high school where I pursued a career in creative writing/online writing at NMIT.

After finishing my Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing, I went on to do an Internship at Herald Weekly Times. After completing my internship I was offered to become a reporter for an online site called Youth Central where I still continue to freelance write for them today.

I wrote a couple of game related articles for Youth Central, as well as another site called Weekend Notes, which made me realize I had a talent for writing Video Game associated articles.
It was at that exact moment that I decided to pursue a career in Video Game Journalism, which has led me to Non-Fiction Gaming.

So here I am, ready to write and inform.

Hope you enjoy my articles because I’m so psyched right now.


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