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What We’ve Been Playing

Borderlands 2 has been the predominate winner this week getting a thorough workout by our NFG staff. Not to mention the number of live streams that are currently under way on NFG’s twitch account. Watch this space for upcoming announcements regarding some community twitch nights.  And as always let us know what you’ve been playing this week in the comments section below.


Quite the variety these last two weeks. Working my way through Borderlands 2 still by shooting more bandits. On my own I get distracted too quickly and grow bored of comparing green and red arrows so I move on to other games. After reading Stiv’s review of Dishonored I made my way to GameFanShop and got myself a copy. I’m trying to kill as little people as possible to keep some challenge however I am also terrible at stealth and patience.

Recently I’ve also been playing some more Heroes of Newerth. With the HonTour coming on the back of DreamHon the competitive scene is firing up. Take a look at my Twitch account to see some live streams and casting I’ve been doing on Heroes of Newerth.

Tune in to some upcoming live streams on NFG’s Twitch stream –

Senior Stiv:

I’ve had a pretty busy week of gaming. I’m finally nearing the end of Borderlands 2 and things are getting pretty intense with the upcoming final showdown against Handsome Jack. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start playing as Zero for my next playthrough.

Slipping through the dark in Dishonored has also been a blast. My mixed stealth and violent playthrough has been going pretty well and thankfully the city hasn’t gone to hell…yet. Hopefully, it stays that way.

Mr Port:

This week has mainly been shoot and loot, with the majority of my time spent towards playing Borderlands 2, either playing with my buddies in co-op or just enjoying it by myself with constant interference. “No, I don’t want to quick travel yet. There’s some side quests here. SIDE QUESTS“.

Still going through Sleeping Dogs as well, even though I’ve discovered that the difficulty never really seems to increase. It’s a shame, because the story and gameplay are rather good but it doesn’t ever become a challenge.

Sleeping Dogs – looks okay to me!

Having completed Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I was pleasantly surprised with, I need a new immersive RPG to kill hours with. Someone reboot Final Fantasy V and VI for me…

Let us know what you’ve been playing in the comments below.



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