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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest – Best Minion Ever Part 1

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With all your newly acquired equipment and improved abilities you’re finally ready to take on Captain Flynt and the Ripper Gang. Find Claptrap to start the mission and he’ll begin leading you to Flynt and hopefully your getaway ship. Not a few feet past Liar’s Berg’s back gate and Handsome Jack crackles over the radio, continuing his taunts. He gleefully explains how rich he is by introducing his new diamond horse ‘Butt Stallion’. Needless to say he’ll frequently refer to his horse throughout the quest.

Claptrap will lead you northwest of Liar’s Berg. You’ll pass through the bandit outpost that sits outside of town. You’ve fought against this bunch before and killing them will be much easier this time with the experience you’ve built up. Continue following Claptrap and you’ll come to larger outpost not far from your current location.

More bandits are holding the area and if you stay low they won’t take much notice to you. There are a couple elemental barrels about making this area perfect for an ambush. Wait for a bandit to pass near a barrel and lob a grenade towards the barrel the area effect damage will kill the bandit hopefully soften up some of the others.

More bandits will appear from the buildings upper and lower floors. Use your ability to control the crowd and blast away the remaining few who survived with your best weapon. When every bandit is killed you’ll find Claptrap by a drawbridge on the other side of the outpost. As soon as he lowers it a pair of suicide psychos will barrel down on you kill them quickly or these running time bombs will deal some huge damage.

Cross the bridge with Claptrap. At the end you’ll come to a drop. Hop on down and you’ll come face to face with Captain Flynt’s right hand man: Boom Bewm.

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Boss: Boom Bewm

Okay, so it’s actually two men you’ll be dealing with. The brothers Boom and Bewm get a kick out of using explosives (if the name didn’t already explain it) and both have their own manner of blowing you to pieces. The taller (Boom) will attempt to launch artillery shells at you from his Big Bertha and the midget (Bewm) will fly around in with his jetpack landing near you, firing off explosive rounds.

Bewm is your first priority since he’ll be approaching you, but you’ll also need to keep out of site of Boom’s Big Bertha. There’s a large obstruction not far from the entrance to the area which will provide plenty of cover. Don’t worry about trying to find Bewm, because more than likely he’ll find you. When he does stay on the move and fire away at the explosive loving midget. With your strongest gun and the use of your ability he’ll go down rather quickly. Just keep your aim true and it should be no problem.

Now to deal with Boom. Continue to use the obstruction as cover and pop out every so often to fire at his Big Bertha when it stops firing. Boom will also unleash more distractions in the form of psychos to push you out of cover. Keep an eye on your map to see them coming and deal with them quickly before they slice you up. To stop the Big Bertha use your best weapon and lob grenades to deal loads of damage.

After it’s destroyed Boom will come down to confront you and finish the job. Finish him first in much the same way you dealt with Bewm. Use your ability and best weapons to take down the psychopath. When he’s dead you’ll be treated to your first grenade mode. It’s still a lobbed grenade, but it will deal a hell of a lot more damage than the ones you have now. Time to go after Flynt himself.

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