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Borderlands 2 Guide: Sir Hammerlock Quest – Symbiosis

Now that you’re better equipped, Sir Hammerlock has a challenging quest to accomplish. He wants you to study (and kill) an interesting symbiotic relationship. There have been reports of a midget who has begun to ride on a bullymongs back. This pair is deadly and surrounded by several bandits.

Head to Southern Shelf Bay to find the duo. Head southeast from the entrance to find a moving platform that offers passage across the water. On the other side you’ll find a large bandit outpost and the bullymidgetmong. As you enter the out post you’ll be attacked immediately by killer marauders, psychos and midget psychos. Take them out with your best weapons and this first batch of baddies should go down easily enough.

If you’ve been following the guide so far you should be at level five by now and have access to your classes special ability. Given the place is crawling with bandits you’ll definitely want to put those powers to balance the odds in your favor.

Continue fighting your way deeper into the bandit outpost, following the objective marker. Your target is on the third level of the outpost. You can find the stairs to the second on the other end of the outpost. More bandits will appear to block your way up.

Stay nimble and aware as some of them will be shooting from above as well as the level you’re currently standing on. With the bandits dead head upstairs.

Walking across the second level to the northwest side you’ll find open area filled with bandits. This is an excellent time to put your new ability to use as this is a tough fight and you’ll need to clear the area in order to access the ramp to the third level.

Once you start attacking more bandits will come out of the wood works, some even from the floor below so stay on your toes.It’s very easy to get cornered and overwhelmed so stay on the move.  More bandits will attack again as you start heading up the ramp, but this smaller group is easy to handle.


Continue climbing to the top where you’ll find a urinal stall full of excellent loot, as well as the bullymong riding midget. He fires at you with a pair of combat rifles as his bullymong steed beats you around when you get too close. Use your best guns and ability in tandem to deal damage to the beast. He moves quickly around the outpost so follow him where ever he goes.

He also holds up in sniper’s nests to keep his distance from you, but keep firing on him with your most accurate weapon. As he moves place to place more bandits appear to offer the pair support. Just use your best gun and use your ability at every chance you get to fight through the mob to your target.

You may kill the bullymong or the midget before the other, but taking out the last one standing should be relatively simple if you’ve been dealing equal damage to each one. After their dead it’s time to head back to Hammerlock for your reward.


Experience: 362

Money: $39

Item: Random Head Customization

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