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[Preview] The Amazing Spider-Man Shows Off Some Practical Gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man will be out in only a of couple weeks and Beenox has finally released a gameplay trailer showing off the webslingers abilities for navigating through the city. There’s also a small taste of combat thrown in for good measure.

The trailer begins with Spidey diving into the city streets and with a simple squeeze of the right trigger he begins shooting out webbing and swinging between buildings with the grace you would from Spider-Man. It’s very reminiscent of past Spider-Man games as the player squeezes the right trigger and pushes the thumbstick to guide our hero. These controls should fit like a glove for most players who have played any console Spider-Man game.

With the entirety of New York City at your disposal finding objectives will require some obvious guidance. Spider-Man is given an Oscorp cell phone that also works as your map. Objectives and side missions are marked on the map as you intercept police chatter from the surrounding area. The demo leads us first to a petty crime situation.

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A civilian is being accosted by some thugs and we see how web rush can be used in combat. Pushing the right bumper allows Spidey to jump one of the attackers similar to Batman: Arkham City’s glide kick, but of course using the games signature Web Rush. Combat also follows Batman’s attack and counter mechanics along some special combat moves Beenox was hoping to attempt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the fluidness of Batman. Indeed, Spiderman is far more agile in combat, but it looks a little clunky at the same time.

After thrashing some thugs we finally see web rush in practical use. If there is any mechanic in this game that will make it unique to Spider-Man it will be web rush. Time stops as you take a first person view through Spider-Man’s eyes and find which point you want to reach. Watching Spider-Man’s acrobatic navigation is looks satisfying and looks to break up the pure web swinging navigation. Seeing it in such graceful action shows a lot of promise for the unique mechanic.

The last segment has Spidey helping stop a police chase. Once again using the web rush mechanic is essential to stopping the bad guys. Jumping and swing from car to car the player swings above the culprit’s vehicle. Hopping into web rush the player is able to land on top of the car and start covering up the front window pane. One of the thugs attempts to shoot Spider-Man off the hood, but with a simple press of the dodge button allows him to slow-motion dodge the shot. The clip ends with the bad guys running off the road, but Spider-Man creates some webbing to cushion the crash.

All in all the gameplay shows a lot of promise of what this game can do. Hopefully, it will also get the Spider-Man video game franchise out of its funk.


Navigating New York Spider Man

GameTrailers YouTube channel



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