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[E3 2012] Excitement, Expectations and Explosions!

Each week we ask the staff and community what they have been playing or their opinion on a topic. With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) getting close all eyes are focused on what’s to come.

Retawes came up with the idea to actually ask the staff what they will be keeping an eye out for next month when it comes to lavish promotions at E3.

Get your fanboy/fangirl hats on and get ready!


As I was the one to have suggested this week’s ensemble editorial, let me just clarify that I have a tonne of ideas and prophesies! Therefore to reduce an outburst of fanboyism, I’ll list my top 6!

1. Borderlands 2 – This game is going to be amazing. I have seen nothing from the press releases and trailers that has disinterested me into buying it on day one! I am also excited to see the Mechromancer and Zero’s class.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance – As I’ve established earlier on, I am a massive Final Fantasy fan. So, you’d assume that I like the Kingdom Hearts franchise, right? Well my friend, I could most possibly be one of the most die hard Kingdom Hearts fans of NFG! (I assume that nobody else knows or likes the series?) In this title, Sora and Riku must defeat the foes that haunt their dreams to become ‘true keyblade masters’. Veterans should be noted that Donald and Goofy won’t be joining your team this time round, though you do get a new companion system with weird and wonderful creatures that fight alongside you!

3. Darksiders 2 – When I finished War’s adventure in 2010, I have to admit that it was severely short for being a Zelda clone but was far from being below the bar. This game had everything, tremendously enduring puzzles to solve; innovative gizmos to use at your disposal; unique bosses and more! With War comes SDeath as this time round, players play as one of the alternative horseman and War’s brother, Death. Equipped with miniature dual scythes, hammers, great-swords and more, Death sets out to prove his brother’s innocence and the corruption of the council. I am unaware if Pestilence and Fatigue will join the fray but I assume that the developers are hinting towards the series becoming a quadrology. (Darksiders 1: War, 2: Death, 3 and 4: Fatigue and Pestilence?)

4. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Oh how I have waited to see this game in its outstanding glory! With the design of Studio Ghibli and the RPG talent of Level 5, (The creators of the Dark Cloud series) I have complete faith in this being next year’s, “Game of the Year”. Without a doubt, it’ll be worth a 10/10 upon release date.

5. Resident Evil 6/ Lost Planet 3 – I’ve paired these two together as I have similar opinions about both. For instance, the Resident Evil series has decayed over the past few titles (Resident Evil 5 specifically) and I have high hopes for 6 to re-establish the classic survival horror genre without altering it into an action game. Slightly similar to RE, Lost Planet has always been one of those titles that you find in the bargain bin! However, the trailer has shifted my thoughts on the series and its future.

6. Persona 4 Arena – During the PS2’s era there was no denying the fact that JRPGs were built for the console. Within these JRPGs, none would demean the brilliance and creation of Atlus’ Persona series. Though, I am conflicted with this upcoming title as it’s a fighting game based on Persona 4 characters….I think!

Myles – Rubberduck

Having stayed away from a lot of the rumour and speculation that surrounds E3 every year I don’t really have anything I’m looking forward to as such so instead I’m going to do a short few lines on what I’m hoping for at E3.

Firstly I’m really hoping for a big reveal on Grand Theft Auto V. I’m a big Rockstar fan and have, like the rest of the gaming world just been blown away by Max Payne 3. GTA V looks like its going to be the culmination of Rockstar’s pursuit of perfect for this generation of gaming. I’m really hoping to see an expansion on what GTA IV was but with the extra experience that Rockstar have gained from their other three games.

As a huge wrestling fan I’m also hoping for some info on WWE 13. I was a little disappointed in the lack of progression from SVR 2011 to WWE 12  but THQ usually deliver a decent game bi-annually. A much improved and less buggy Universe mode would sell this to me almost straight away.

Other than that I’m hoping Nintendo will give some details on the current batch of 3DS games in development as well as announcing some new games for further down the line. A sequel to the amazing Mario 3D Land would be awesome.

Other than those things I’d love a big surprise. Don’t care who from or what it is as long as it has the ‘wow’ factor.

Senior Stiv

Oddly enough the one game I’m looking forward to see in action is Pikmin 3. Granted the last one wasn’t that stellar, but what’s more entertaining than having tiny, bipedal plant creatures following your every command? Hopefully, time won’t be a limitation again and I’d really like to see some new Pikmin types thrown into the mix. I don’t know if I’ll get the game, but I’d like to see how this sequel will turn out.

Other than Pikmin 3 I’m looking forward to all of the games I’ve had my eye on for this year, particularly Borderlands 2. There’s been plenty more previews, but I’d really like to see them show off an official gameplay trailer instead having to watch an amateur shot video of the action.

Sheriff Dan

The game that may actually hold enough for me to dust off a Kinect – Dragonball Z for Kinect (Xbox360). As I have never grown out of yelling, “Kamehameha” at children and declaring myself a Super Saiyain, this is going to be the game for me. I’m suspicious of the Kinect actually being responsive or even a fun mechanic. When the drinks are flowing I bet I’ll get a good half hour from this game. Then another 100 hours when no one is watching.  This preview trailer pretty much has it all, including what I consider the wrong pronunciation of Saiyain or Saiyan, or Saiyajin – depending on how pedantic you are.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”600″ autohide=”1″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

EA plans to bring out a game where you the player design and build a city. It’s a simulation city that you must layout the roads, construct industrial areas and monitor the needs of the citizens. This new SimCity (PC) goes the way of the new SpiderMan movie in just ignoring previous installments and starts the numbering process again. I remember the SimCity franchise being up to 3000 last time I checked so it will be interesting to get another reboot on the list. Being EA we may have to purchase Roads or Power seperatley through day one DLC.

Let us know in the comments what games you are hoping to catch a glimpse of or what you think of E3 in general, is it all just overblown hype? Tweet to us here or let us know on our Facebook page.



  1. Hello all, Tunesmith here.
    Personally, I’ll be looking out for any news or tidbits released concerning Command & Conquer: Generals 2, being a fan of the first. While I never played the first Borderlands, I’ve seen a few of the preview trailers for number 2, and I’m interested to see how it will be received.  And of course there’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. My heart rate automatically increases when I hear the ‘boop boop’ of a motion detector going off, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for any information on things that crawl out of the walls.


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