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Meet: Retawes

Welcome gamers to my section of NFG!

I have recently joined the NonFiction crew and will writing articles once a week for your enjoyment. These will be Reviews, Opinions and a new feature called Rumoured Reports where I hopefully ‘prophesize’ what, when and who will create a specific game.

If you don’t know of me or my work, my name is Retawes and I am die-hard Japanese RPG fan. I have a small gaming blog called ‘The Retawes Cave’ where I review and write opinions about certain activities and cultural differences within our gaming society.

Besides my website, I am passionate for most Japanese culture from Naruto to Final Fantasy. In fact, I have been to Japan three times in the last four years!

Aside from my obscure obsession with Japan, I also enjoy watching films and television shows like Sucker Punch, Avengers, Titanic, Nightmare Before Christmas, Heroes and One Piece – just to name a few.

I hope that over the course of my career here at NFG, you’ll like what I write and how I write it. If you have any issues or feedback with any of my work then feel free to comment or look up my blog –

I also have an Xbox Live account and a Steam account if any are interested – let me know in the comments.

Let the party, begin!

However, before I commence my work at NFG, I’d hope for some suggestions of what you, fellow gamers, would want me to write about.

Retawes Out!



  1. That’s soo difficult to instantly choose! I’d probably go with VII, IX or X. I don’t really like XII as it’s combat style seemed too slow for an action RPG but too action oriented for a tactical RPG. What about you?


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