PAX Australia 2019 Map is Here


    PAX Australia 2019 is descending upon the Melbourne convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) tomorrow. If you’re heading into Melbourne over the next few days you’ll want to be at the gaming event of the year.

    How do I find things at PAX AUS?

    Once you find your way to the MCEC it can all seem a little daunting. Below you’ll find the Convention and Expo Hall map. After badge collection, most attendees head to the Queue hall to make their way into the main expo hall.

    Map of PAX AUS 2019 Expo

    There’s plenty more to do at PAX AUS though, the three main areas include: the exhibition hall, which houses the vendor booths, indie games, retailers and all manner of other things; the tabletop section, which has the board games, card games, tabletop shenanigans and free-play areas; and the convention hall which houses the main theatre and most of the rooms for panels and the like.

    You won’t find the maps for each of the halls on the site, but they are available through the Guidebook app which is available on every smartphone under the sun. We’ve also written a fair bit on PAX over the years, check out our PAX AUS expo guide here.

    Alternatively, you could just look below. (If you can’t read the text on the smaller booths, just click on the image and you’ll be able to blow it up to its original size.)

    Returning in 2019 is PAX’s partnership with EB Expo, offering a dedicated space for the world’s largest publishers, as well as additional panels to the show. So you’ll see some big names in the Expo hall again this year.

    With all the excitement of the big names though, don’t forget the little guys. PAX Rising can be some of the best fun in Oz over the weekend. Meeting Indie developers and trying out their games is a blast! Plus there’s hardly a queue. Double Point Combo!

    What are you looking forward to at PAX Australia this year?


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