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Victoria Proves to be Better at Everything Including League of Origin

League of Origin

VIC Take Home the Win in the First Ever League of Legends: League of Origin Cup

Not content with just having the most liveable city, Victoria has been crowned the first ever League of Legends: League of Origin Champions, winning the best of five Final in 3-1 against New South Wales over the weekend.

After placing third following Saturday’s round robins, many considered VIC unlikely to claw it back. The Victoria team put together by OPL shoutcaster Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi first had to overcome New Zealand in the Semi Finals to even have a chance against NSW.

You can watch the start of that series here:

After the first match going to excellent play by New Zealand, Victoria came out swinging with an unusual champion select of Taric, Urgot and Anivia. This of course baffled the League of Origin commentators (including ‘Spawn’), however this seemingly insane team composition brought the game back from the brink and Victoria came away with the win, beating New Zealand 2-1 in the best of three.

League of Origin Urgot Pick
Here’s where League of Origin went off the rails

In the final Best of 5, Victoria faced off against the waiting New South Wales. Each team took a narrow win in the first two games which kept things interesting.

The tipping point came in game three. EGym’s Rakan expertly navigated fights for New South Wales earning them an early kill lead, but Victoria’s incredible objective control saw them take game three. The final game saw Victoria consistently apply pressure in the top lane, but it was an epic team fight at Baron that secured the Championship for Victoria, with no one from New South Wales left standing.

League of Origin VIC
“The clearly superior team Victoria” -Daniel, Melbourne Victoria

Scoring bragging rights from the win, Victorian player Jayke ‘Jayke’ Paulsen from Avant Gaming said in his livestream interview immediately following the game:

“I think from earlier today we discovered what we were doing wrong. We needed to pick shielding champions and comfort champions. We were trying too hard before. It was easy.”

Victorian selector and OPL shoutcaster Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi, added:

“I’m ecstatic with the results. No matter how Victoria played, I would’ve been proud of my home team, but it’s amazing to be the first ever regional Champions of Oceania.”  

If you missed League of Origin or want to relive the action, you can watch the event on Riot Games Oceania’s YouTube channel or OPL’s Twitch channel.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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