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Hundreds Queue for Pokemon GO Plus in Japan

Pokemon GO Plus devices draw a crowd as hundreds of people stood in line outside Japanese stores to buy the Pokemon GO Peripheral.

Around 700 people waited outside a Pokemon Centre Shop in Osaka City to buy the Pokemon GO add-on when the store opened at 8am.

The Pokemon GO Plus device allows Pokemon GO players to perform functions in the mobile game without needing to open up their phone.

“(Using the peripheral gear), Pokemon hunting will speed up because I don’t have to stare at the (Smartphone) screen. I want to get them (Pokemon monsters) one after another,” said Kana Sugiura, 29, who was waiting outside the store, to Japanese news agency Kyodo.

Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus is a gadget similar to a wristwatch but attached with a clip that connects to the game. If you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan, be sure to read up on our Pokemon GO Guide.


The device, which costs around $US35 ($A47), is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Using led lights (green or blue) and vibrations, the Pokemon GO Plus notifies the player when there is a ‘poke stop’ or a Pokemon nearby, which can then be captured by pressing the device button without any need for the phone.

The Pokemon GO Plus is also already available on for $94.99 if you’re looking to pay a premium and get it early.

The peripheral add-on is available from Friday in most countries – including Australia, said game developer Niantic in a statement.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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