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Pokémon Go’s ‘Buddy System’ Update Let’s You Walk With Your Pokemon

Earn Candy for walking with your Pokémon in Pokémon Go according to code diving reports.

Data miners have looked into the recent code updates from Niantic’s Pokémon Go, a new ‘Buddy System’ feature has reportedly been found that makes it easier to level up and evolve some of your rare buddies.

This info comes via a post on Go Hub, which outlines the discovered code and how it appears to work.

The ‘Buddy System’ will be similar to hatching Pokémon Eggs and will award candy based on distance travelled. This should help trainers who have rare Pokémon and haven’t been able to reliably get more candy through catching.

Pokemon Go evolution guide

What you need to know about the Pokemon ‘Buddy System’:

  • Pokemon Buddy System is using the same server side distance calculation as the one used for Pokemon Eggs
  • Walking your Pokemon Buddy will award you with candy. The amount of candy is yet to be determined.
  • You can walk the same Pokemon Buddy multiple times, but there is likely a daily limit for obtained candy
  • You can walk with only one Buddy Pokemon at a time
  • There are various looks of Buddy Pokemon
  • Medium size
  • Big size
  • Flying next to you
  • Rests on your shoulder

Pokemon Go Ash Pikachu

In there are also different looks for your Buddy Pokemons, it will be interesting to see if ‘Rests on the shoulder’ is based on the Pokemon’s ‘Height’ stat or if it’ll be pre-determined by the Pokemon type.

All of these changes are already present in the code base, and by the look of it, we could be getting the Buddy system in the next update.

What do you think about these changes to Pokémon Go? Is this the correct way for Niantic to address the concerns of leaving players?

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Daniel Ryan
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