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Siegecraft Commander Assaults Xbox One and PC This Year

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Siegecraft Commander the action strategy hybrid from Blowfish Studios will release in Q2 2016 across Windows and Xbox one.

You may remember our interview with Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios from PAX Australia last year. We’ you can expect Siegecraft Commander to drop on PC and Xbox One early this year.

In Siegecraft Commander, players can select between turn-based or real time strategy (RTS) before each PvP match, while single-player will operate in real-time. Siegecraft Commander will also offer cross-platform support, allowing Windows and Xbox One gamers to go head to head.

In Siegecraft Commander, players start with and must defend their initial tower known as the Keep. From their Keep, players can branch out and create new structures and extend their forces. If the Keep falls, it’s game over.

Siegecraft Commander
Building those walls

In real time this equates to creating multiple towers and walls stretching closer to the enemy’s headquarters. In return the enemy is building closer towards, sending units and bombardments to cut off your advancing stone tendrils.

Creating new towers involves shooting out a ‘seed package’ from an existing structure. To get the distance and angle correct can be difficult at first as it uses a bow and arrow like mechanic. When the package lands, the new tower is created and a wall raised connecting the previous structure. If the wall is destroyed or blocked by terrain, the new tower will be destroyed.

During the brief time we had to play around with Siegecraft Commander on the PAX show floor we could form some strategies on offense and defence. Offensive towers can provide focused attacks or even supply foot soldiers to the field. Defensive towers attack pre-determined units that come close to them.

Siegecraft Commander Dragon
Dragons stealing cows

Units created by the offensive towers automatically move forward to attack the nearest enemy. This leaves the player to more worry about placement than unit micromanagement. According the Benjamin Lee,

“By removing the reliance of unit micromanagement and allowing multiplayer gameplay to be either turn-based or real-time, Siegecraft Commander will provide a rich tactical experience with broad appeal to every gamer who enjoys strategy,”

 More important than just ‘What to build?’ is the question of “Where to build?” Getting around your opponents initial defensive towers to attack a section of wall deeper in is an excellent offensive strategy. This can set off a chain reaction destroying multiple enemy towers at once. Taking the time to build near resources is also vital, as this will boost your supplies, allowing you to build more towers.

Siegecraft Commander
Protecting your keep

If you’re looking for a fun way to challenge your friends online or on the couch, Siegecraft Commander boasts some unique mechanics and tense moments. The cross platform multiplayer alone makes this title more appealing.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this Aussie indie darling and will keep you updated.

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Daniel Ryan
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