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The Division Skill Calculator Is A Great Tool

division skill tree

We had a great (although brief) time playing The Division when the Closed Beta rolled around earlier this month. One of the main thinks to look at and get a feel for were the Skills, Talents and Perks on offer.

There weren’t many available in the beta itself, but they did show you what would be on offer once the full game released.

Miodec has put together a nice looking Division Skill Calculator tool, which allows you to take a look at the different abilities and work out how you want to build your Division member.

Although unofficial and still a work in progress, the Division Skill Calculator can give you some great insight into the three main skill trees available in the game. Medical, Tech and Security are upgraded by completing missions around the map and ‘powering up’ those wings in your home base.

division talents

You can see the further potential this tool will have when more information is available. The interface gets that ‘Division‘ feel just right, pretty slick.

Once you’ve got a crew together you’ll want to come back and take a look at this calculator to work out what synergy you’ll build into your team.

The Division launches in March on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with the Open Beta taking place February 19-21.

What skills did you use most in the beta? I mostly kept my points in medical by upgrading Pulse and taking First Aid as the Medical Wing was the only area to upgrade. It helped in the Dark Zone, but I didn’t get you play around with sticky bombs or Armour.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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