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Destiny: The Taken King Expansion Review

Destiny Taken King

Taken King sees the debut of an array of enticing new gameplay and story elements pertaining to the vast Destiny universe.

Although, the title unfortunately can run into some trouble trying to fuse both the original title and the Taken King, resulting in clunky gameplay at times.

In this latest expansion the Guardians are tasked with attaining access to the Dreadnought in order to thwart Crota’s enraged father Oryx and liberate his heedless prisoners.

The Taken King sees the debut of the long-awaited Sub Classes, each pertaining to a one of three original classes, The Hunter, The Warlock, and The Titan.

Each subclass provides new abilities ranging from a glowing Light Bow, to an imposing Hammer composed of blinding light. In order to obtain access to this array of new subclasses players are obligated to forge a path throughout a large list of exclusive quests, each pertaining to the classes designated skill tree.


Destiny: The Taken King Expansion

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Price: $59.00 USD (Amazon)

As players progress through the Taken King’s vast quest list, missions and tasks will swiftly transition into tedious rehashed levels and missions inundated by the same enemies making for an often tedious experience. Although in order to quickly combat this exasperating issue players are able to stray from The Taken King’s main story quests in order to obtain access to an array of new weapons and abilities. These quests remain sparse causing players to crave for more story oriented activities, and backstory that may only be quenched by the slowly recurring story quests.

However, The Taken King’s single player counterpart truly shines as gamers hunt through the shrouded depths of Oryx’s Dreadnought in which players are able to loot a bounty of new weapons and armor sets, in order to thwart the King’s vile Taken forces. As well as these new features and ideas, the game sees the implementation of the ability to acquire a myriad of side quests and bounties, each pertaining to a potent new adversary and race, although each time a player obtains one of these profusely occurring side quests they will obligated to obtain access to a slew of specified weapons and light upgrades, in order to abolish its domain and all that reside within it.


Despite this, The Taken King expresses its exhilarating new coop features as players traverse the darkness enveloped crevices of the Kings Fall raid, in which they are able to compose an array of new weapons and abilities, whilst obtaining a slew of raid armour alongside their swift fire-team. However, the raid can often obligate players to slowly forge new weapons and gear, making for long and frequent grinding sessions.

Destiny taken king pvp bow

The expansion also employs new side quests each entailing a plethora of objectives and side objectives, obligating players to ascertain a slew of information pertaining to their encroaching foes and bosses. As not only must players compose new weapons and armour in preparation for each new side mission the title boasts, but they must partake in a bounty of new strikes and side missions in order to forge this slew of new gear.

However, the title is not free of glitches and issues, ranging from meagre character bugs, to map oriented flaws each often obligating players to abscond their current mission and restart it.

Conclusion The Taken King Expansion


The Taken King brings a lot of new features and abilities to the table for a game that was starting to flag. The expansion offers up a plenty of new content in the form of missions and sub-classes. However, the title is also a tedious expansion to attain access to, so new players will likely be warded off by the sheer amount of content harboured by The Taken King.

Taken King has been likened to Diablo III’s expansion Reaper of Souls in that the redesign and changes were what the community had been hoping for to prolong the life of the game.

The expansion is a must buy for both recurring players and new players and is an exhilarating experience, as long as they are willing to embrace an array of new and enticing changes to the title and its array of features.

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