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Raru May Have Accidentally Leaked BioShock Collection Release Date


South African retailer, Raru, may have accidentally revealed that the hotly anticipated BioShock Collection is making its console debut on November 27th 2015.

Rumoured earlier this month, the BioShock Collection will be composed of the acclaimed BioShock trilogy, each game harbouring an array of DLC and extra content, although no official source has confirmed the game’s existence.

According to the Raru listing, the collection is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When asked for comment, 2K Games stated that “2K doesn’t respond to rumours or speculation”. You can still see the details via Google Cache if you want to see it up close.

The Bioshock Collection Leak
Time will tell

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For those who are unsure about the series, BioShock saw gamers traverse the propaganda enveloped plains of Rapture, an illicit underwater city, in which players were imbued with an array of powerful abilities, in order to attain Adam, and thwart the encroaching splicers.

You can see our review of BioShock Infinite here.

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