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Batman Arkham Knight Review

Following the vile and illicit events that took place in Arkham City,Scarecrow, Gotham’s most savage villain,  has forged a concoction of putrid poisons derived from his primitive fear gas, in an attempt to consume Gotham with fear and finally conclude the legend of the Batman.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros Games

Release Date: June 23, 2015

Price: $59.99 US (Amazon) – $59.99 US (GreenManGaming)

The batmobile boasts an extensive array of riveting new features


Batman Arkham Knight sees the debut of dual play, in which the player can seamlessly relinquish control of Batman in exchange for one of his allies; Nightwing, Robin, or Catwoman,whilst in free flow combat.

Each successful strike landed by the player will add to the characters combat score which can carry over between each controllable character, and activates brutal double team takedowns in which Batman, alongside his allies,can dispatch of a specific number of enemies in the immediate area. As well as this new feature a wide array of Arkham Knight’s enemies now possess the ability to savagely charge at the player,obligating them to swiftly dodge the assailant and utilize their new and diverse Batarang arsenal to abolish their foe.

Using Fear To Your Advantage

Arkham Knight also sees the introduction of “fear takedowns”, in which the player may swiftly take down a specific number of enemies, permitting that they are not detected by their heedless foes.

Following each successful attack the game slows time to a halt allowing the player to contemplate their next move before executing it. In addition to this beneficial new ability, Arkham Knight also introduces the capability to utilize nearby hazardous objects to subdue enemies and forge distractions.

Dual Play allows gamers to battle alongside their heroic allies

Plenty to See and Lots To Do

The game also features a wide array of side quests that can be attempted at any point throughout the game, and feature numerous prominent characters from the extensive Batman universe.

For example the Riddler, one of Batman’s oldest foes, offers up 243 diverse “Riddler Challenges” to solve, each challenge entails the player collecting various unique trophies from each diverse section of the city and returning them to the Riddler whilst time permits it.



Batman is able to stray from the main story to investigate recent crimes broadcasted by the game’s panic-stricken police scanners, the player can then choose to proceed to the scene of the vile crime and utilize the game’s most recent iteration of detective vision to uncover the crude perpetrator.

The Batmobile

Arkham Knight also marks the first entry in the franchise that allows players to utilize the Batmobile’s unparalleled abilities. This hulking vehicle can be summoned at any point throughout the game, and possesses the ability to perform swift speed boosts, seamlessly drive through objects such as walls and barricades, and switch between pursuit mode and battle mode in an instant.

Because Batman doesn’t use guns

Players possess the ability to seamlessly customize the Batmobile’s weapons and armor to their specifications, allowing the Batmobile to accelerate at a much swifter pace or absorb more bullets from enemy tanks before succumbing to it’s fatal “wounds”.

Throughout the player’s vicious conquest for justice through the savage streets of Gotham they will encounter an extensive array vile and crude foes, each obligating the player to utilize different forms of combat.

Is Batman Arkham Knight Worth It?

Featuring an extensive array of new features and characters, Batman: Arkham Knight gives Batman the farewell he deserves. It’s sad to think this will be the last Batman game in Rocksteady’s trilogy.

However, with a few cheeky Superman-related Easter eggs prompting Internet speculation that the Man of Steel may be up next for the video game treatment, there’s always something to look forward to!

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A hint at things to come?

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