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Arcania: The Complete Tale For PS4 Will Run At 1080P And Possibly 60 FPS


Nordic Games have announced that, Arcania and its Fall of Settarif expansion pack are being bundled together to create, Arcania: The Complete Tale, that will be making its debut on PS4, with the Xbox One counterpart still under consideration.

The game is momentarily available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The complete tale will be essentially an optimized edition of the PC port, allowing it to run at a blistering 1080P and, what according to Nordic is a target of 60fps.

Nordic have stated that the game is yet to receive a release date as it remains in mid-development, however an Amazon Germany site has recently revealed a listing for the game accompanied by a May 29th release date.

When it does release Arcania: The Complete Tale will be available for purchase via the PSN store.

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