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Call Of Duty Havoc Twitter Teases

Exo Zombie Advanced Warfare Havoc

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC, has been receiving various riveting teases over Twitter recently.

If you have recently taken interest in Call Of Duty’s official Twitter account, you will more than likely have realised it had been suddenly renamed SRVR:ATLAS. This name seems to be a relevant name when it comes to the Exo Zombies mode that this DLC harbors. As well as this suspicious new name, Sledgehammer have been sending out various new Tweets that tell the dark and intense story of Exo Zombies.



If you want to check out all of the intense and gory tweets I recommended that you head over to their Twitter page immediately.   


Havoc will be available to Xbox One owners on Tuesday 27th January, whilst it is expected to see the light of day on the PS4 and PC approximately 1 month later.

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