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APB Reloaded Leaving PC for Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Free to play MMO APB Reloaded is leaving its PC counterpart and heading for Xbox One and PS4, as well as adding 2 new platforms to its list APB will also be receiving a brand new publisher, Deep Silver.

The game is scheduled to launch before June 2015 and will be available to all PS4 owners as the title does not require a Playstation Plus subscription, whereas the games Xbox One counterpart will require a Gold membership if players want to take part in the vicious battles this game harbours.

ABP Reloaded is set in the fictional city of San Paro and features 2 playable factions, the criminals, and the enforcers. Each faction will have the ability to roam the city, however, once one of the menacing criminals breaks the law the enforcers are given a warning and will begin to hunt them down.

Deep Silver have still not released any new information or screenshots at this moment in time.

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