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H1Z1 Arrives On Steam Early Access


H1Z1 is now available for PC owners to play as an early access title on Steam for $20. H1Z1 pits you aginst vast hordes of shambling brain craving zombies as well as other survivors that will maim you, for a tin of beans.

Various servers have already commenced testing, Sony have also stated that they will likely commence the testing of private servers in the coming days. Despite the fact that the game remains in its pre-alpha stage, there are numerous unique and enticing factors that will draw you to this intense survival horror game such as; Bases, Vehicles, a day and night cycle, weather, hunting, wild animals, and vast amounts more.

During this release Sony have also revealed that they will be teaming up with the creators of the critically acclaimed Battle Royal mod to create a unique experience in H1Z1.

H1Z1 will also be making its way to Playstation 4 however release information has been scarce.




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