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Dying Light Will Run at 1080p 30fps

Dying Light

Dying Light developers Techland have now revealed that Dying Light will run at 1080p 30fps. The confirmation came in the form of an answer to a fan over a Q and A hosted by Techland. These details only concern the PS4 edition of the game and we are yet to discover if any of this information will carry over to the Xbox One. The Q and A also revealed a few more enticing pieces of information that include:

The games night time portion will only last for 7 minutes mainly because it is a hard and frustrating part of the game, Dying Light does contain various Easter eggs for players to find.

The daytime portion lasts for 64 minutes in real-time, The map is open from the beginning of the game, The player will be unable to change the duration of the night.

You can check out the Q and A here.

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