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Wild Wii U November

Before the Holiday Rush, Nintendo Makes for an Awesome November for Wii U Owners.


Between DLC, games, and accessories, Nintendo is rounding out November in tremendous fashion. Are they pushing early for the holiday period or is this the beginning of truly contesting Sony and Microsoft?



Downloadable Content

Two major pieces of DLC are scheduled for this month. Last week, the first of two Mario Kart 8 add-ons was released. This gave racers eight new courses, three new characters, and four vehicles. Finally gamers can race as Link on his Master Cycle on Hyrule Circuit. Stay tuned for a full breakdown of the content.

To follow this, Hyrule Warriors is set to release its second pack, the Twilight Princess DLC on the 27th of November. Players who purchase this pack will gain access to a third adventure mode map (assuming they also have the Master Quest adventure map), a new weapon, two new costumes, and, best of all, a new character.

PAX Australia Nintendo


Some speculation has been flying around the internet about who would feature as the latest addition to the roster. Recently the announcement was made that fans would finally be able to play as Twili Midna – that is, Midna as she appears in the ending of Twilight Princess. All we know at the moment is that she uses the Mirror of Twilight as her weapon.


The Mirror of Twilight is promised to be too amazing to describe.
The Mirror of Twilight is promised to be too amazing to describe.



The first run out of Amiibo will finally hit stores on the 21st of the month. Nintendo explored their intentions with these figurines back at E3. Now, however, we are getting more information about how they will work with various games. The first batch includes twelve figures from Mario and Link to Villager and Wii Fit Trainer.

Amiibo are currently expected to integrate into three current titles: Super Smash Bros. Wii UMario Kart 8, and Hyrule WarriorsMario Kart will function with ten of the twelve figures (not Villager or Wii Fit Trainer) and unlocks a themed costume for your Mii to race in. Players can dress up like Captain Falcon, Samus, or even Kirby.


The first set of twelve Amiibo figures
The first set of twelve Amiibo figures

Hyrule Warriors is a bit different. Tapping the Link figure will unlock the Spinner weapon for Link in the game. The Spinner, seen in Twilight Princess, is a spinning top that Link can ride.

Players can tap the Zelda figure (to be released in the second batch) once per day to unlock a three star or greater weapon; or tap any other Amiibo once per day to receive a free three star or lower weapon, Rupee bonus, or crafting material bonus.

Amiibo display at PAX Australia
Amiibos on display at PAX Australia


How Amiibo will work with Super Smash Bros Wii U. is much more interesting. It’s complicated enough to fill an article of its own. Put simply, the Amiibo will become a sparring partner for the player. Playing against the Amiibo will let players level it up and train it to fight in particular styles when in the hands of a computer.

Check out the trailer below.



All the hype about Amiibo and Super Smash Bros. Wii U is coming to a head this month with Nintendo pulling the release date of the giant title forward. Originally slated for a release around the sixth of December, Wii U owners will now finally be able to shut their 3DS-owning friends up on the 21st of November (29th for those of us down under).

Super Smash Bros Wii U at PAX Australia

Like Mario Kart 8 back in May, Super Smash Bros. looks to be an enormous boon to the Wii U. Forging ahead into the holiday period, Nintendo will no doubt be hoping to replicate the demonstrably huge bolstering impact venerable series can have on console sales.


When it comes down to it, despite Far Cry 4 being released this week, November seems to be Nintendo’s to lose. With such a powerful line-up of new content, it’s safe to say I’m glad I’m a Wii U owner.

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