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Fable Legends: What God and Harry Potter Have in Common

The RPG franchise storms onto the Xbox One as Lionhead gives more details about Fable Legends.




Gamers have known about the upcoming Fable Legends for some time now but it was only at Microsoft’s E3 conference that more details got fleshed out. The announce trailer released last August, narrated by Sir Michael Gambon (Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films), whet players’ appetites for the game.

Lionhead, creators of the Fable and Black & White series of games, have included an incredible and unique feature in Fable Legends. Smartglass has so far been an underwhelming component of the Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3’s application of it was laughable at best. Fable Legends allows a second person to play on the same Xbox One using Smartglass. This player controls the placement and activation of traps and monsters in playing the villain.


Fable Legends Villain
Play the villain via Smartglass on your phone or tablet

E3 showed us more of Lionhead’s vision for counter-operative play. With an on-stage demo of it, they confirmed there is a surprising amount of flexibility in the choices.

It really does live up to the idea of being able to divide the four heroes and conquer them individually. Accessibility also does not seem to be a problem so anyone can pick it up and get right in.

Fable Legends Team
Choose between a gunner, fencer, ice mage, and a bitch with a huge shield

With four heroes as part of the squadron, co-op play has also been confirmed as an important part of the Fable Legends experience. Originally, my excitement was based on the idea that it would play like console versions of Diablo III but it seems that may be a pipe dream. Some have suggested that couch co-op is not possible but I could not find any official word one way or the other. Here is one player hoping that up to four players can experience Fable Legends together on the same Xbox One.

What is also exciting is the promise of long-term support from Lionhead. Fable Legends has been slated as having a 5-10 year life cycle. DLC and monthly updates are the tools of choice in this matter. Whether we will have to pay for these updates, however, is still an unknown.

If you haven’t already, watch the Fable Legends section of Microsoft’s E3 conference. Pick a side, good or evil; there is something for everyone.

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