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Former Game Composer Joins French Indie Team for ‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’

Hover: Revolt of Gamers


Hideki Naganuma, a Japanese Composer, famous for creating various tracks for the Dreamcast game “Jet Set Radio” (or Jet Grind Radio as it was known in the United States) and later composing numerous tracks in the sequel, Jet Set Radio Future.

Hideki Naganuma has recently joined up with a small Indie team, Fusty Games, to create ‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’. The Story Follows a world where Video-games are Banned and you as the player is of ‘Resistance’, who are rebelling against oppression from the Anti-Video-game laws.The player is tasked at recruiting like-minded people to take back the right of being a gamer.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Concept Art for the crew of ‘Resistance’.

The game is a “Parkour/freerunning game set in a futuristic openworld”, its reminiscent of the Jet Set Radio, which the player selects from a few characters of funky and unique Inline skaters from a Faction called the ‘GGs’, to skate and graffiti various sections of a City to defeat and drive off rival Gangs from the city of Tokyo-to.

However in Hover, it seems the player’s perspective can be switched from First-Person to Third-Person, in which you skate, grind, flip, boost, bounce and push-off walls, weaving your way throughout the city and onto buildings and the streets below.

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As Seen in this Alpha Teaser here

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
First-Person Skating…

This Visually Impressive Alpha, was completed in just 4 month! By 3 French developers and Hideki himself, which the team started in November 2013 last year, its seems to have the same art style as Jet Set Radio, which was graphically, in Cel-shading.

There is multiplayer and a Skill tree where the player earns money, then using that money to unlock different attributes for the character.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Otello Skill Tree

Hover: Revolt of Gamers is being Kickstarted and has already been Greenlight on Steam.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Pierre Raffali, Programmer of the indie team, using the Oculus Rift.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers, is currently planned to release on the PS4, Xbox One, and on the Wii U as well as on Steam, and the game may support the Oculus Rift…




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