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PAX East 2014: Always Sometimes Monsters

PAX East 2014 Always Sometimes Monsters

I’ve played RPGs involving far away fantastical lands, loaded with combat and strong narratives. Hell, even some great sci-fi ones as well. But, Always Sometimes Monsters takes all of that and breaks it all down, by setting it in the real world with real decisions and even more real impacts. Well it’s still a video game, so they aren’t that real.

Always Sometimes Monsters sets you in the role of an individual who recently lost the love of their life and is now looking to reunite with them before they get married to some one else. Now I use these general pronouns because who you are is greatly varied based on race, gender and sexual orientation. In the demo at PAX East I played I was a hispanic, gay man. Depending on who you are each interaction with other people can vary greatly. Such as with my situation after working with my new boss at my new job, we get ready to go to a bar. I eventually reveal my past to him and he doesn’t have the kindest views on homosexuality.

PAX East 2014 Always Sometimes Monsters


The game really does feel like life in several moments Interacting with your boss feels just as frustrating and endlessly moving boxes at your dead-end job is just as monotonous. But even in this situation you don’t have to stay to do the work. You can leave whenever you want. But leaving early involves your boss getting angry at you and in your reaction to the whole situation you go to the roof of the warehouse and take a dump on his car.

While the game is quite heavy in its themes there are still plenty of moments filled with humor, like the one I mentioned above.

The game’s writer, Justin Amirkhani, came up with idea of the game after making his way across the country and working with several game developers. He, in a small way, applied his experience to the game. Always Sometimes Monsters feels like real life and despite the heavy consequences and storyline I’m looking forward to making more life changing decisions when the game comes out on May 21 to Steam.

Senior Stiv pounded the pavement all weekend at PAX East 2014. Make sure you follow him on Twitter.




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