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Women in Video Games Initiative from Startup TFYC

‘The Fine Young Capitalists’ begins their first online project allowing any women to have their chance at creating a video game


In 2011 the Video Game Industry took in over $16 Billion dollars but despite women representing 45% percent of the game playing audience they directed less than 2% of the Games. In combination with the production company Autobotika, The Fine Young Capitalists is running their first production initiative, allowing any women to have a crack at creating a video game.

Any person who identifies as a woman can prepare a proposal of up to 1,500 words in length explaining their concept for a video game. Each pitch will be judged on originality, financial viability, level of immersion, fun, aesthetic and feasibility with the require budget. The top 5 proposal will be given to professional concept artists and writers to create a fully realized pitch document that they can use to sell the concept to 3rd parties.


These pitches will be placed online and voted on by anyone interested in supporting women in video game design, with the pitch that receives the most votes being made into a real game and digitally distributed for the entire world.

A large portion (74%) of profits from the sale of game will be given to charity. 8% will go to the chosen creator of the game.

A Paperback writer can be expected to receive around 10% of the list price for a book. Which is between 90,000-140,000 words.
A Screenwriter for a movie will typically receive 5-8% of the net profits for a movie. The final draft is usually around 16,200 words.
The current WGC guidelines for digital properties specify between 5-7% of gross revenue of the product be paid to the writer and that would include a complete screenplay for the digital property.
In this case the person is only writing a short outline for the game and not a complete story or about 1,500 words.
We feel that 8% would not be considered out of the ordinary for a first time video game writer. Especially if regardless of the outcome of the internet voting they get to keep the art that is created.
By word count you are making 47 times more then a paperback writer and 17.5 times more then a screenwriter.

Anyone wishing to support the project or submit their work can go to for more information on how to support this project, to watch videos explaining gender theory as it relates to video games, to learn about video game production and to learn about the people involved with TFYC.

Source: TFYC Press Release

What do you think of The Fine Young Capitalists plan? Female NFG readers, do you have a story to pitch? Let us know in the comments below.


Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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