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PAX East 2014: Tetropolis Offers New Spin On Tetris

tetropolis gameplay

Who would think someone could bring a new way to playing something as classic as Tetris? Well the fine people at NextGen Pants Studio have found a way to fuse the classic puzzle game with some “Metroidvania” style play in its game Tetropolis. .

Set in the titular city Tetropolis players take on the role of an outcast citizen who can shape himself into one of the many Tetris shapes we all love and hate. Changing into the different shapes offers unique abilities and allows you to move through the game world. This will open up new areas to explore. How you may ask? Well, in the small ode to Tetris you can shift a rotate rooms to solve the puzzles in each, opening new areas for you explore. 

While the puzzles are a big part of the gameplay, you will still be dealing with enemies at the same time for an added challenge. To survive these additional challenges players will be able to purchase upgrades and new powers in Metroid and Castlevania fashion.

Tetropolis will be available to play at PAX East 2014 and, hopefully, I’ll find sometime to get a hands on feel for the game while I’m there to see how the game really plays out.



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