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Goat Simulator Early Access and Release Trailer

The eve of destruction is upon us. Except it won’t be in a blaze of hell fire or a rogue comet hurtling toward the Earth. The true harbinger of chaos will be a goat.


Coffee Stain studios are responsible for the marriage between goats and the terrorising of humble humans. The brains behind the tower defence/FPS hybrid games Sanctum and Sanctum 2. Now they are bringing what is being touted as the “dumbest and best video game this year.”

Goat Simulator flipping normal

The Goats will inherit the Earth.


Harking back to the days of the Tony Hawk skating series, Goat Simulator sees players taking control of a manic goat. The object of the game, as you may have guessed, is to cause as much havoc as you possibly can with your four legs and two horns.

Goat Simulator interior

Goat Simulator puts the world in the palm of your hand.

In anticipation of its imminent release, Coffee Stain studios have released a new trailer showcasing the mayhem. The core of the video seems to be your goat flying through the air after utilising various ways of making people also fly through the air. The accompanying screenshots give us some indication as to Goat Simulator‘s points system. Doing all sorts of flips and tricks in the air will net you points.

Goat Simulator Fireworks

The fun doesn’t stop with just carnage, however. Coffee Stain are set to collaborate with both Steam Workshop and the Goat Simulator wiki to allow players to create their own levels, goats, missions, and game modes. The partnership with Gamepedia will facilitate a competition with one lucky community winner’s level design being showcased at E3.

Goat Simulator is expecting to hit the Steam shelves on April 1st. But good news for pre-purchasers. A special early access will let anyone who has already purchased the game to start playing on Friday March 28.

Goat Simulator skyhigh


Check out the new release trailer and see some crazy goat mayhem here.



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