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Telltale Game Of Thrones Partnership

Telltale Game of Thrones

This week the internet is all buzzing about Telltale Games and HBO entering into a partnership to create a Game of Thrones game for 2014.

The partnership is multi-year and multi-title one so we can expect to see the signature style of Telltale in an episodic game series. No real details are known currently on what the story will be about or who the main characters will be.

In the 2012 Game of the Year, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, focus was not on the main characters of the show or comic series but set in the same world. A previous attempt at a Game of Thrones game developed by Cyanide was met with poor reviews upon its release in 2012.

Either way, Telltale Game of Thrones or Game of Telltale will be a highly anticipated title for those fans of the point and click adventures. If they can bring the same emotion and weight to Game of Thrones as their previous games it will be a great extension of Westeros.

Telltale Game Of Thrones

“Since the very beginning, Telltale’s goal has been to work alongside the most talented and respected forces in entertainment, bringing their worlds to the interactive space as no other game studio can,” said Dan Connors, co-founder and CEO of Telltale Games. “Working with HBO to develop a new game series based on Game of Thrones is a natural fit for our studio. This partnership will create an experience that will captivate the huge, global Game of Thrones audience. It will put them in control of the epic stories of warfare, intrigue, violence and revenge that we know and love.”

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Based on the bestselling fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is an epic story where political and sexual intrigue abound as seven noble families fight for control of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms.

Telltale Games’ has a lot on their plate currently with: ‘The Wolf Among Us’ based on comic series ‘Fables’, ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ set in the Borderlands world created by Gearbox Software and 2K, and a Walking Dead Season 2 game on the way.



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