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Data Mining Pt. 2

fyrestone borderlands 2 data mining

Welcome back Borderlands 2 players to the second part of the ‘Data Mining’ guide! We wrapped up the last part by increasing the pressure on the main pipeline to full capacity and now it’s time to blow that sucker up so you can get inside and reach the Hyperion Info Stockade. Mordecai points out you can ram the pipeline with your vehicle by launching off a nearby ramp. Get out of your vehicle and jump into the opening in the pipe to reach the upper deck of the pipe. You’ll eventually reach the entrance to the Arid Nexus-Badlands.

Here in the Badlands you’ll come across even more past¬†locales, but before we reach them you’ll need to head northeast to a road running parallel underneath one of the pipelines. Skags¬†will come out in droves in the Badlands so be prepared to face a few packs of the nasty beasts. You’ll find the entrance to the first town you arrive in the first Borderlands: Fyrestone. Some JNK loaders occupy the area, but they’re relatively easy to deal with. Work your way westward through the town until you reach a clearing with an overpass hanging over you. Seems quiet enough. That is until the biggest loader you’ve ever seen drops from the sky.

Saturn borderlands 2 data mining


Boss: Saturn

This monstrosity of a loader is tough and loaded with fire power. It’ll begin by firing off simple shock blasts which can obliterate your shields. Saturn can also unload a slew of winged homing missiles which can reduce your health to nothing. Use the environment around you for cover whenever it bombards you with attacks. The small out post to your right there is a small space you can hide out in if you come under attack. Use corrosive weapons to bring him down as quickly as possible. A corrosive rocket launcher can do wonders here. Stay on the move and attack when you can. You’ll eventually take this tough machine down.

Not far from your current location you’ll find an elevator leading up to the overpass. There will be some ammo crates at the top to replenish your supplies should you need them. Move along the overpass towards the Hyperion Info Stockade. Several loaders and a badass constructor will drop from the sky. Weed out the weaker loaders and turn your focus towards the badass constructor. Once again try to use corrosive weapons to put an end to the machine.

data terminal 2 borderlands 2 data mining


Storm the Hyperion Info Stockade with everything you’ve got. Hyperion hawks and infiltrators will be in the first wave. Head up to the second floor and loaders will rain down from the sky. Blast through them and make your way up to the third floor where you’ll find the info terminal which holds the location of the Warrior. More loaders will come down along with two constructors landing on both side of the building. Run into the terminal area for cover and start downloading the data. Fend off the loaders and once the data has finished downloading pick up the information holder. Take out the constructors, but when they’re destroyed don’t leave immediately. There are two ladders leading up to the very top of the Info Stockade, where you’ll find a nice gun chest filled with goodies.

Head back to Sanctuary and hand in the quest to Mordecai to get reward. Now, folks, it is finally time to kill Jack.


Money: $214

Item: random relic of your choice

Experience: 10474



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