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Watch Dogs Revealed At PS4 event

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot introduced Ubisoft’s highly anticipated upcoming multi-platform title, Watch Dogs, at last week’s PS4 event.


Based in Chicago, players take control of Pierce, the main protagonist of Watch Dogs. Guillemot however did not reveal much detail regarding the back story behind the protagonist or the world he is in.

Although I can tell you that Watch Dogs revolves around an open world game play as well as a mobile like device that can pull up information on random people such as their age, identity, bank account details, which you can use to hack into their account and steal their money. This device will also help in assisting people as well as finding and completing tasks around the city.

Watch Dogs
Hack Your Environment

From what was displayed from the live demo, it seems that this highly anticipated title maybe a great hit for the PlayStation 4 and Ubisoft.

Check out a sample of what the game will offer through its live demo game play and gain an opinion for yourself.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Watch%20Dogs%20Gameplay” theme=”light” autohide=”1″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

Here are some more gameplay images that show off why Watch Dogs is one of the most hyped games being talked about right now.

Watch Dogs
Go Train Surfing

Watch Dogs is highly anticipated after its initial teaser shown at E3 last year. Players will be able to hack traffic lights, mobile phones and security systems to shape the world in their advantage.

Watch Dogs
Take Down Police By Raising Barriers
Watch Dogs
Or Get Up Close And Personal

Are you convinced that Ubisoft can pull off another great franchise with Watch Dogs? Let us know what you think so far with what we’ve been shown. 



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