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Vergil’s Downfall DLC Available Next Month

Vergil's Downfall

Capcom have announced after a grueling wait that the DmC:Devil May Cry DLC Vergil’s Downfall, will be available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Network and PC in two weeks’ time, on the scheduled date of the 6th of March, for 720 Microsoft points and $8.99 on  the PSN and PC. Customers who pre-ordered DmC:Devil May Cry and gained a free DLC for Vergil’s Downfall, will also be able to redeem their code at launch.

Vergil’s Downfall features hours of new game play, four difficulty  levels as you venture through a new hell as Dante’s twin brother Vergil, whom also has his own separate story line, weapons, combos, enemies and locations.

Furthermore Bloody Palace Mode is now available to download for free from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Network and PC, which puts gamer’s up against 100 hellish waves of demonic mayhem.

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Read more about Vergil’s Downfall and DMC in our Review of Devil May Cry. The DMC: Devil May Cry demo is also now available to download.

DMC: Devil May Cry is available from Amazon on Xbox 360 PlayStation 3. DMC is available on PC through GameFanShop if you want a digital copy.



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